Guest Blogger….Sue’s Lyme Story

Another guest blogger. Welcome Sue Blanton!

The last ten to fifteen years my health had slowly
been declining.  I was approaching middle age and
thought that this was just a normal part of aging.
However, some mornings I would get up and my feet
would hurt  and I would be so stiff that I could
hardly walk.  To compound the problem, I was having
some serious memory issues and I was only in my
forties.  Still, I just viewed these lapses in memory
as senior moments and would just joke about my
forgetfulness.  When, I started having a gastritis
pain, I could no longer ignore my symptoms and sought
medical help.  It was determined through a test known
as the Heidelburg Capsule test that I had something
called Achlorhydria or lack of Hydrochloric Acid in my
stomach.  My doctor who is one of the best alternative
MD’s in the state of Washington told me that I needed
to take an HCL/Betaine supplement, as well as
digestive enzymes and I needed to learn to do
injections of B Complex on myself twice a week.
Little did I know that this would be the start of some
very serious health issues to follow.  I soon started
becoming allergic to everything.  I had an allergy
test done and the packet of thing that I was allergic
to, was so thick that the only thing I could eat was
chicken and rice.  I soon became allergic to that as
well.  Not long after becoming allergic to food, it
became apparent that my allergies extended to
environmentals such as fuels and hydrocarbons, floor
waxes, carpet glues etc.  It was at this point, that I
decided to visit an NAET practitioner.  NAET stands
for Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique.  It
is a method that is administered via Accupunture and
literally trains the Autonomic Nervous System to not
view various substances that you are allergic to as
enemies.  I spent two years having NAET done twice a
week.  It made a huge difference in how I felt.  Pains
that I had, went away.  Brain fog improved, mainly
because for the first time in awhile I was able to
absorb the vitamins and minerals from the food I was
eating.  After having NAET treatments for two years,
my practitioner and I realized that there was an
underlying cause to my reactivity that needed
addressing, she had never seen a case like mine.  She
taught me how to clear my own allergies and sent me to
a Naturopath with her blessing and  hopes that I would
find some answers.  This began my journey to a
diagnosis.  I went from doctor to doctor trying to
find out why I was so reactive to my environment and
no one had a clue that I had Lyme.  I had barely heard
of the disease myself.  I finally changed jobs and
moved to Anchorage, Alaska and I had remembered
reading a forward in Devi Nambudripad’s book written
by an MD in Anchorage who had been through the
conventional route to clear her allergies and in
desperation sought out NAET.  NAET worked for her
where nothing else would and she soon was trained as a
practitioner in the protocol.  I thought, that this is
an open minded MD and one that I want to go and see.
This was perhaps the smartest move I ever made,
because it was at this clinic while discussing my
array of symptoms that the doctor told me I suspect
you have Lyme and I would like to do some testing on
you.  At least now I had a name for what was ailing me
and not just “Oh you have Leaky Gut”, or worse “it’s
all in your head”.  This doctor suggested that I read
Bryan Rosner’s book Lyme and Rife machines and this
was the beginning of my journey to wellness.  My
treatment protocol is possibly quite different then
many out there, as I do NAET treatments on myself via
an Acupoint stimulator to manage my allergies.  I also
use a small magnetic pulser called a Biomedici that
can actually eliminate some allergies by putting the
body in balance.  It is so very important for a person
with Lyme to clear themselves of allergies because as
long as a person is reacting to something such as
Phenolics, Vitamins or Minerals, the body can’t absorb
the nutrients.  Eliminating your allergies, taking
enzymes, and Probiotics, when combined with a healthy
diet and detoxing is the best thing a person can do to
regain their immune system and their health.  One of
the other advantages to eliminating allergies is that
it is my belief that much of the pain that is
attributed to Lyme is actually brought on by
Allergies.  There is much research that makes a
connection between Allergies and Arthritis.  In spite
of having Lyme, I am virtually pain free provided I
keep myself clear of Allergies.  About two months ago,
I was reacting to Hydrocarbons and fuels and the pain
in my legs was excruciating, I could hardly get in and
out of my car.  I spent a day clearing this Allergy
and the pain disappeared.  This has happened numerous
times with me and my husband where pain would
virtually go away after a clearing.  I will talk a
little more about how to detect, manage and eliminate
allergies and how I have used allergy elimination to
manage some of my Herxheimers symptoms in a later

Be well,


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  • Sherry

    For Susan who wrote the blog article about treating lyme w/naet – would you be willing to share/recommend who treated you in Wa state? I live in Seattle metro area. Thanks so much. You can email me at

  • Omar

    Wow, I really relate to this. I have a lot of the same symptoms and diagnosis. I had a Lyme test done some years ago, but it came back negative. I’ve heard that sometimes it’s not that easy to detect. Can you offer some advice on how to get a real result?

  • Bryan Rosner

    Find a good Lyme doctor and read this book:

  • Omar

    Thanks a lot Bryan.