Mouth Care for those with Lyme Disease

With the recent release of Dr. Nordquist’s book, The Stealth Killer: Is Oral Spirochetosis the Missing Link in the Dental and Heart Disease Labyrinth?, taking care of the mouth is a focus of discussion lately. Many Lyme sufferers have dental issues. Normal mouth care usually isn’t enough. I’m trying to compile a list of other approaches. Leave a comment on this post if you have any tips. I believe that brushing with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda (and maybe salt) is a good idea. Here are some other ideas I just got from an email:

“All health begins in the mouth, keeping down the CRP is important.
JAQ uses GSE (grapefruit seed extract) liquid under her toothpaste along
with peppermint oil (clenzology) and a homeopathic toothpaste (unicity)
for an amazingly clean mouth, no gum disease, and braces off last year,
cavity free at 14.”

Very important topic indeed

  • jolola

    i wish there were more responses to this one. i need help and direction, and i don’t think the new dental book can get to my house fast enough, i ordered 3, on for me, one for my llmd and one for my dentist.

    i lived a life of realtive good dental health, over the past few years, even though my diet has remained constant, and my dental hyigene has remained constant, my dental health has declined rapidly and drastically.

    it started first with what i eventually discovered was actually a thin line of yellow discoloration along the top edge of one tooth at the gum line. (one dentist told me this was common with people who had long term illness, and that it was a simple discoloration, no problem.)

    it wasn’t long, a week or two later, i noticed that after brushing my teeth, i had tiny particles of crunchy stuff in my mouth. i thought it might be tartar, (though i rarely even get tartar any more) it was like that crunchy-ness you get after having your teeth cleaned and there are still small amounts of residual tartar particles in your mouth.

    with my fingernail, i scraped the tooth with the thin line of discoloration, thinking surely, it was more than discoloration, and the tooth did have tartar build up after all. with no pressure at all, i discovered that the entire line of discoloration was instead “etching” of my enamel as the top edge, .5mm of that tooth literally crumbled from gentle fingernail pressure…i looked closer and the tooth next to it had now developed the same yellow line of etching.

    one by one this same pattern occured on tooth after tooth, spreading from one tooth to the next at what i considered a frighteningly rapid pace.

    at that point i began to have worse than major anxiety on top of an already serious dental phobia…though phobias are irrational, and my fear really made perfect sense, i had real reason to fear dentist, as well as proof that dentists you could trust were hard to find.

    and here is where i must flash back about a decade for some background to fill in the picture.

    you see, for the last 10-15 years, i have gone from dentist to dentist TRYING WITH ALL MY WITS to convince the dentist that my teeth had become totally immune to deadening. no one would believe me, and the few who entertained the possibility with amusement were nothing more than simply that…amused…until after asking for more and more deadening, painful shot after shot until they finally started to drill only to have the drill knocked out of their hand and fly across the room…sorry, i didn’t do it on purpose, it was just reflex i guess. every dentist, every time, the same cycle of pleading for understanding only to meet more disbelief until i would eventually uncontrollably knock the drill out of their hand, and each time they would say, “wow, you really CAN feel that” duh duh duh, i need to say a stronger word than duh! but i am a lady, so i will abstain from profanity tho this calls for some!

    over that decade plus, of knocking drills across the dental exam room, i have begged, pleaded and done everything i could think of to explain to every dentist i went to that I COULD NOT BE DEADENED enough for a dentist to drill on my teeth.

    i endured untold amounts of excruciating pain, which dentists flippantly called “discomfort” (i would like to discomfort them, i tell you what!)

    by that time it had developed into a full fledged dental phobia which was getting worse and worse as my pleas for help fell on deaf, unsympathetic, disbelieving ears.

    the last time anyone tried to deaden me, i sat in the chair with tears streaming down my face, pleading with my eyes as intensly as i could, back and forth from tech to dentist, saying, stop stop stop with my eyes, my tears, my squirming body and my mumbled words, how can you say, help with four hands, needles, drills, squirting water and suction in you mouth? aren’t tears and moans and and arched back where nothing but my head and my feet were touching the chair…doesn’t that say enough.

    now don’t say i had bad dentists, i went to the ones who specialized in gentleness…fruitless eventually all of them, they just didn’t believe i could not be deadened…and this is on top of taking large doses of methadone for uncontrollable lyme pain.

    so phobia is not the word for it…self perservation is, pure primal survival kicked in and i could not force myself into a dentist office, i could not pick up the phone to make an appointment, finally my hubby started making them, and then the day of the appointment after a two or three nights of no sleep, cancelling them because i knew i could not take all that pain on top of all my other lyme misery…

    so i clamped my mouth shut until i finally found a dentist who had recovered from lyme, and who would put me under and fix what has grown rampantly in just over 2 years into 21 or more cavities.

    it is one week until my $30,000 worth of dental work will begin.

    now, mind you, up until the last decade and a half ago, i have had dentists marvel at my teeth, relatively few cavities…not even one until is was 14 years old…and even then, when i got one, they did not grow, i could go three years with a tiny cavity that stayed tiny…until now.

    i did a lot of journaling and investgative clue gathering on my teeth, dental habits and diet and i can find two dental environment factors that contributed to this. the only two things about my mouth that have been different these past couple of years are this….

    one is a constantly high acid level of my mouth, i guess caused by the same thing that makes all of us acid. i have not been able to control the acidity of my mouth in the same way that i can control my body though…and i have not yet found a dentist to admit that the characteristic constant acid level of my mouth might have something to do with my accellerated rate of decay.

    and the other major problem was when i started taking methadone…my mouth is always dry, i drink water constantly, in amounts that surpass the recommended daily amounts…

    other than that, neither my diet, nor my dental hygeine habits have changed, if anything, they have improved, as i have tried inconsistantly to eliminate sugar from my diet, i don’t eat more, i do eat less.

    now, here lies my contention, if my theory is correct, then perhaps in addition to some bacterial infection (that i have yet to study since i don’t have the book yet, but i have found scanty information about this online)
    both the acid level, and the dry mouth are both directly related to my lyme disease…

    so why wouldn’t medical insurance cover this, rather than dental insurance which will not cover virtually ANY of the $30,000.

    my dentist is not willing to stick his neck out and say that my dental problems are directly related to lyme, he says no one will accept that explaination.

    my llmd IS willing to write a letter, but he says i must find 10 citations that support a relationship between lyme disease and dental decay first…i don’t know how far we will get with only a doctor vouching for a medical reason for dental care, but we are going to fight it.

    i think all lymees should be aware of the fact that this could happen to them, and if i blaze a trail that sets a precedent for medical rather than dental covering this work, then that will help a lot of people.

    so if anyone is still reading my long, lyme brain, mix of irrelevant and relevant dental information, and they have had a similar experience, then please please please, post here.

    if anyone has any citations or medical articles, please post them too.

    and if anyone has any ideas, let’s hear them.

    any and everyting i discover on this dental experience will be well documented and prepared to share with others who may need to follow behind me,

    i just can’t believe i am the only one.

    and i can’t wait to read Dr. Nordquist’s book. it could not have been published at a better time, i wish i had gotten my hands on it sooner, i actually did think i odered it a month ago, but i guess i did not hit submit or something because there is no record anywhere of an order, or a credit card charge, so i am back at square one on that…

    thank you for bearing with me, i just can’t condense my thoughts and by the time i finally get everyting i need to say said, i am just too tired to go back and try to shorten it, it takes me literally hours to do something like that and it has alreadly taken two hours to write this.

    lyme disease really sucks…sorry, but i just had to say that…

    good luck to all the snaggle-tooth lymees like me, boo hoo, i miss my pearly whites…

  • http://canlyme delia Britt

    please come and have a look at canlyme’s website. There is thread there on dental aspects of lyme disease.

  • Carol

    My mouth problems with Lyme consist of…

    1) A grey or rust-colored metallic coating, especially on the backsides of my lower front teeth (from incisor to incisor). Backsides of my top front teeth, also, from incisor to incisor. My dentist had never seen anything like this and said that it was unusual in that staining of the teeth usually occurs on back teeth (such as molars), not the front teeth, because back teeth are much harder to reach with a toothbrush.

    2) Significant gum tissue loss (recession of gums) in the areas described in number 1 (front teeth, both top and bottom fronts from incisor to incisor – though bottom front backsides from incisor to incisor are the worst). Areas of my teeth that should be covered with gum tissue are exposed.

    3) Extreme and immediate tartar build-up when I eat any yogurt or probiotic containing lactobacillus, even if I brush my teeth immediately.

    4) A constant magnetic-like pull on my lower jaw, upwards towards my sinuses/brain.

    I am positive for the hemobartonella/mycoplasma microorganism (not just Lyme) and found this article…

  • patti charleston

    I am just beginning to see the signs of my dental health rapidly declining as I battle with the after affects of lyme disease that was not dx’d for over 6 years. In the past 3 weeks I have had 1 extraction, 3 deep cavities, and a root canal that has yet to be finished and am in pain. My dentist said it is not the toothe and I have been dx’d w/ trigeminal nueralgia which was calm until the dental work began. Do I believe all of this is connected? Yes but finding the dentists and doctors to agree on helping is difficult. I have a great llmd and a great dentist but am dealing now with daily migraines, earaches, and pain on one side of my face. Very interested on any info about how to protect the rest of my teeth and gums before I lose them too. Any good products out there or mouthwashes? Thanks.

  • Pediatric Dentist Mesa

    I just noticed that I have this stain in my tooth that has develop as I age. But still it has not been removed with dental whitening and cleaning. I don’t know why.

  • Dentists

    Mouth care is very important and we never should fear Dentists

  • Holly

    patti, you should try some ointment. that has helped me :)

  • filling

    SUCH good reads! That list is seriously making this Monday better (and almost promises that I’ll get zero work done, but will be really happy and inspired because of it).

  • aiza@familydentist

    we don’t want to have dental issues. It is time to take care of our dental health.Creekside Dental Services

  • Texianster

    I have a quick build-up of plaque/tarter that I cannot remove as it forms again immediately after any cleaning. Of course, I have horrible gums and more and more tenderness and down-right sores resulting from trying to deal with this immense problem. I have Lyme Disease and my pulse rate is rapidly rising. It is all so horrible. I floss my teeth until they bleed, with almost no relief.

  • Kavinci

    Since contracting Lyme and other related diseases, 3 teeth roots have become eaten away, and I just had two implants which were basically symmetrical and I believe are related to Lyme or other related diseases, like babesiosis, ehrlichiosis. They have a fungal component and have infected my sinuses (mainly maxillary, but surely most of them). Which would explain the tooth deteriation at the root, passing down to the tooth itself. Even the Mayo clinic reported that chronic sinusitis is caused by fungus. Fungus is a component of Lyme disease and Morgellons (a related disease). 

    So, I think clearing up the sinus problem is crucial. This includes getting rid of Candida Albicans, which is also implicated in most cases. There is a new nasal spray designed to clear up the fungus in the sinuses: Amphoteracin, prescribed to me by my naturopathic/MD. All sugar must be eliminated from the diet. 

    All the tooth treatments will help, but the main cause has to be eliminated, and that is a very difficult thing to do. Treating the teeth at the external level is only a superficial preventative procedure.

  • Daltoncook

     I’m VERY ill right now so will be short, but want to tell you DON’T ever have root canals with Lyme/mold, as the organisms get down in the dark, moist, low blood profusion area and congregate and proliferate, and mutate.  Check out books by Dr. Hulda Clark.  Lyme wrecks havoc on the mouth/teeth/gums.  I was born with Lyme and my baby teeth and adult teeth came in already very decayed.  All I can manage now.

  • texianster

    Hi Jolola,

    This is texianster. I have a post above yours. Your post is 3 years ago, mine was 7 months ago. I have not received any reply.

    I fully empathize with your sentiment … the pain, the time it takes to post, all of it.

    I have not found a solution, have you?

    I recently moved and am trying to get local doctors, even a LLMD. The one I saw told me my first visit was no charge, then gave me a bill for apx. $600. Don’t know if I will see him again or not. No real solutions. I am getting more sick.

    I had a conventional PCP send me a letter saying he would not see me again. I should have kept my mouth (pun intended) shut about Lyme. We all need a PCP for perceived every day problems. He was freaked out by my symptoms. He said his wife recovered from cancer. I may write to him and ask him how he would have reacted if his wife’s doctor said he would not see her. I probably will not waste my time though.

    My dental problems have only increased. I have not lost any teeth, extremely surprising. I desperately want someone to check out the ph of my mouth, and test scrapings to see what is in there. I too used to have glorious dental reports. I am at a loss for what to do. I am getting a beamray (rife treatment). It is very expensive, I have to go into debe for it, and do not know if it will help or not.

    I am with you, hoping that someone will respond with some help.

    I am generally finding that doctors, former patients (Perry Field) are out there only to make money off of Lyme patients, or refuse to treat. Mostly, LLMDs and others are out there to make money off of Lyme patients.

    Sorry for the sarcasm, but I am very sick and broke.

    I am being forced to give in to this disease.

    Most of us do not look sick, but we are very sick, and desperate for help. I do believe AIDS patients now are treated with more dignity and medical help than Lyme patients. This may not be true, I am just desperate, and becoming hopeless.

  • Deborah Medley Pledger

    Hi. I also have become immune to the pain shots the dentist gives. My mouth hurts so bad from the lyme. Feels like all of my teeth have been broken off at the gumline. It hurts for my tongue to touch my teeth. I’m on an herbal program to kill this lyme disease. I hope it works.

  • Deb

    Hi Sister…was looking for something to share with Ginger that list all of the possible disease that Lyme is the culprit and noticed your name. I hope and pray that you and hubby are listening to the Lyme Summit and learning that you must address certain issues before killing off the bacteria…you can do more harm than good…been there …done that…so I know from experience. I have lost most of my teeth to this horrible disease…it effects every part of our body and I can honestly say…I feel your pain.

  • Dwell Tiny

    I had the deadening issue too, with severe bone pain after. It’s the epenephrine in most numbing agents. First, it’s considered a no-no for those with mitochondrial issues. Second, it signals OspA which signals Lyme that it’s time to multiply.

  • ClintFromNYtoVA

    Lyme will cause your teeth to decay from the inside to the out. By the time they show decay at the base of the tooth they will be hollow inside.

    There is pain at the base of my implants from this disease although no abscess shows on x-ray.

    I have decided that I will remove remaining implants and not get replacements as there is not enough bone to keep new implants from failing.

    I imagine eating habits will have to drastically change to accommodate but I dont know what else to do.

  • Terri kimble

    Exact same thing here,the etching across tooth at gum line,get to inspecting and see that tooth may be loose,grinding and clenching jaws almost uncontrollable,tongue is tense,if that makes sense