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America Wakes Up, One Lyme Statistic At A Time

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BOSTON — Public health officials say more Massachusetts residents are being diagnosed with Lyme disease, and many of them are picking up the tick-borne ailment in areas of the state where it was relatively rare a decade ago.

State Department of Public Health figures show that the disease, once most common on Cape Cod and the Islands, is now seen more in Middlesex, Norfolk, and Worcester counties.

There were 4,042 Lyme disease cases statewide last year, compared with 1,194 in 2000.

Rife for Lyme gets USA Hospital Study by East Coast Physician

Its about time: a “mainstream” study of rife technology. Dr. Steven Phillips, M.D., of Connecticut (ILADS member) is recruiting volunteer participants for “a matched cohort study to assess for DNA damage, or the lack thereof, in patients using rife machines.” See Dr. Phillips’ flyer on the study for more information (the flyer has been approved by the Institutional Review Board at the hospital he is working with for this study).

While I’ve long felt that rife therapy is among the most helpful modalities for Lyme patients (as I wrote in the book I published in 2004), there has been very little study on the benefits or harm of this treatment. Perhaps this will be the beginning of an open door for many more such studies in the future. Thanks, Dr. Phillips!