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Depression in Lyme Disease

Someone recently posted a question about depression and Lyme disease. I answered by excerpting a part of a book I wrote. Here is my opinion on the topic – written 3 years ago – my stance hasn’t changed.


Used Lyme Books

I have 13 copies of “The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments” that are
slightly used. They are selling for $14 on amazon. Only 13 copies.


Lyme Disease Tests

This post is an excerpt taken from my new book, written with Tami Duncan, called The Lyme Autism Connection, available from The post describes many different testing methods and their pros and cons. This is by no means a complete list or complete discussion of the topic. Just some “meaty” information to get you started. :-)


Lyme Disease Misdiagnosed As…

Did you know there are 300 conditions which mimic Lyme disease? This list is critical because if someone is suffering from one of these conditions, they should be tested for Lyme disease!.


Lyme Disease at 46.9 cases / 100,000 in New Hampshire

nh borrelia statisticsNew Hampshire has a significant number of Lyme disease cases, with the CDC estimate approximately 46.9 cases per 100,000. In this post I am providing a little overview of Lyme disease in New Hampshire including incidence, geographic distribution per county, and other related data.


Lyme Disease in New Jersey by County

Lyme Disease in New Jersey by CountyThe rate of Lyme disease in New Jersey is among the highest, with 27.9 cases per 100,000 people (although this is greatly offset by the number of false negative test results and lack of reportability of the disease according to CDC criteria.


Intravenous (IV) Antibiotics for Lyme Disease?

The topic of intravenous antibiotic therapy is quite controversial when it comes to treating Lyme disease. In this post I am sharing an excerpt from my recently published book, “The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments.” The post also has a diagram of antibiotics and their relative benefit in Lyme disease according to my research.


Lyme Disease Bacterial Strains

In this document, various bacterial strains are discussed along with their origins and geographic prevalence. Note the presence of the bacteria in multiple continents, in countries such as Japan, China, Portugal, Slovenia, and more.


Rife Treatment and Heart Herx Reactions

In this post I am re-posting a question about rife and herx reactions of the heart.


Autism rate on the rise

July 9, 2008- For immediate release and distribution. Vaccine Autoimmune Project Publication – 1 in 88 – Autism/ASD among Children of Military Families. By F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP and Raymond W. Gallup.


Dietrich Klinghardt Autism Conference in August

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt will be hosting an autism conference in August! This conference is sure to be very exciting and informative. Don’t miss it! To learn more, read the details of this post.


Lyme Disease on CNN

CNN Lyme StoryToday Lyme disease appeared as the top story on! This has happened several other times in the past; once for a general Lyme story on CNN and once when President Bush was diagnosed with Lyme diesase. The importance of this time, however, was that the CNN article presented what I consider to be a progressive, accurate, and cutting edge view of Lyme disease; not the antiquated views that CNN has presented in the past. In this way, this was a breakthrogh event.

4th of July Fireworks: Does a Tesla Coil Have Healing Benefits?

Nikola Tesla, a brilliant scientist who lived from 1856 to 1943, made numerous important inventions, one of which was the Tesla Coil. The Tesla Coil is important in science for many reasons. However, one of the Tesla Coil’s most important attributes – yet also one of the least discussed and known – is it’s health benefits.

Nikola Tesla himself was said to enjoy optimal health and a high energy level due to this machine. Can the machine have benefit in Lyme disease and other afflictions? That is the question we will examine in this video – not to mention that you will also get to see a great “fireworks show” on this 4th of July, 2008!

The Tesla Coil I demonstrate in this video is an SSTC-3.9 and was purchased from

DISCLAIMER: I make no claims as to any health benefits of the Tesla Coil, instead, I am simply presenting a hypothesis based on unofficial research.

LIA Foundation Conference Notes!

lyme autism bookHeidi, an attendee at the recent Lyme Induced Autism foundation conference, June, 2008, made her notes publicly available! Thanks Heidi! What a special treat to have these notes…enjoy everyone! And don’t miss the JUST PUBLISHED lyme-autism book!


Lyme disease on Good Morning America

Hi folks,
The piece on the Lyme controversy airs Thursday morning on Good Morning America , ABC TV.

> Hi,
> The movie Under Our Skin and the book Cure Unknown have
> awoken interest in the Lyme disease debate.
> Good Morning America will be showing a news story on the
> Lyme disease controversy Thursday morning between 7:30 and
> 8:00 AM.
> This came up on short notice and I was filmed late
> yesterday. Someone from the opposing IDSA school of thought was also
> filmed in the Washington area.
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