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Book Review: Rife Handbook, 2009 Hardcover Edition

The 2009 Rife Handbook, which is revised and hardcover format, has been on sale for about a year now. Below, rife researcher and nutritionist Richard Loyd, Ph.D., provides his impression of the book. To learn more, read excerpts, or order the book, click here.

I have obtained a copy of Dr. Nenah Sylver’s 2009 The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy with a Holistic Health Primer.

This library-in-a-book is hard cover, has more than 700 pages and it weighs more than 5 pounds. Some of the chapters would easily qualify to be books in their own right. What follows is like a skipping a rock on a lake. It gives you only a surface look at what is a very large amount of material.

Chapter 1 covers the current medical care situation (as opposed to genuine “health care”), vaccines, injury to children by medical treatment and much more.

Chapter 2 shows how pathogens can change form depending on nutrition, toxins, electrical stressors and many other stressors. The research and inventions of Dr. Rife are discussed. The work of other recent researchers is described.

Chapter 3 contains a massive amount of material on water (how to provide good water and why it is important and how much to use), food (how to choose good food and dangers of certain foods), supplements, oxygen therapies, colloidal silver, cleanses, exercise, light and color, sauna therapy, structural correction and much more.

Chapter 4 covers how to do frequency sessions and when not to. Types of equipment are described including contact, radiant, laser, frequencies on CD and much more. There is an extensive sixty page FAQ section.

Chapter 5 is the 200 page frequency directory. There is background information and descriptions for the various conditions along with frequencies.


Link Correction – Arizona Lyme group discussing Lyme Book

In the previous blog post, I gave a link which was changed / removed a couple hours after I posted it. Here is another link with the details on the book discussion. Scroll to the very bottom of the page.

Arizona Lyme Disease Association hosting talk on Lyme book

Arizona Lyme Disease Association is hosting a discussion of the book Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment on July 10. Details here,