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Lyme sufferers – Start a business?

Lyme sufferers already have reason enough to look for self employment – the flexibility, autonomy and (sometimes) work-at-home benefits are often the only conditions under which a chronically ill person can consistently bring home living wages. Pre-planned corporate schedules and the rigor of a 9 to 5 work day are usually too much for the Lyme sufferer and can lead to unemployment (and if you are lucky, disability benefits).

This is why I believe Morris Rosenthal’s web page on starting a new business and making a living may be valuable to some readers who have been considering, or should be considering, alternative means of bringing home a paycheck. If it isn’t enough to propel you into a new career of your dreams, I suspect the information will least serve to get enough juices flowing for you to evaluate if you are cut out for self-employment and if so, which roads you may want to go down and which you may wish to avoid. (I’ve learned that avoiding the wrong roads is twice as important as finding the right ones). Best of luck meeting the challenge of procuring income while at the same time being dedicated to your physical recovery.