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Original Colloidal Silver Article by Jim Powell – 1978

This is one of the original colloidal silver articles that established its scientific validity, written in 1978, before a lot of the current political suppression of this substance.

Chicago Tribune Chronic Lyme Article

A couple days ago, an article denouncing the existence of chronic Lyme disease appeared in the Chicago Tribune. The article has been widely read. I feel this is a good time to re-post an article I wrote in 2008 on the existence of chronic Lyme disease. Read both articles and decide for yourself:

Chicago Tribune Article:,0,1251072,full.story

My article:

Video: Lyme Cookbook comments from Bryan Rosner

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New Lyme Disease Cookbook!

Recipes for Repair: A Lyme Disease Cookbook
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lyme cookbook piazzaMany people are aware of Dr. Ken Singleton’s excellent book, The Lyme Disease Solution. In that book, Dr. Singleton lays out a diet that he calls The Lyme Inflammation Diet. Dr. Singleton’s guidelines are recognized as the standard of care by many Lyme Doctors. Now, Dr. Singleton has teamed up with Gail and Laura Piazza to create a cookbook for people who wish to make meals based on the dietary principles found in The Lyme Inflammation Diet. (For more information on Lyme dietary guidelines, see Dr. McFadzean’s book, The Lyme Diet). 


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Two new books published…

The Silent Saboteurs, by William Nordquist and David Krutchkoff:

Healing Chronic Illness – By His Spirit, Through His Resources, by Connie Strasheim: