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Spiro Stat Lyme testing Lab

At the recent Lyme/Autism Conference I had a great conversation with Steve Hines, who helped create the new Spiro Stat laboratory, which is a brand new Lyme and co-infection testing company. I don’t know much about the company yet but they have an impressive list of organisms which they say they can test for:

Borrelia afzelii
Borrelia burgdorferi
Borrelia garinii
Borrelia hermsii
Borrelia parkeri
Borrelia valasiana
Brachyspira aalborgi
Bracyspira hyodysenteriae
Ehrlichia ewingii
Francisella tularensis
Mycoplasma fermentans
Rickettsia spp (9 species)
Treponema pertenue
Treponema carateum
Treponema denticola
Coming very soon Babesia microti

As I said, I don’t know much more about the lab at this point, but I wanted to share their existence with readers. Website:

Buhner Lyme Protocol Update 2010

Scott Forsgren of published an excellent summary article of the Buhner protocol (from the book Healing Lyme). If you want to read about the protocol (including specific supplement instructions) but don’t want to read the book, check this out:

Works in Progress

Some other projects I’ve been working on lately. Please note: some are off-topic, do not click here unless you want to waste some time browsing :-)

MRS 2000 Designo by MediConsult

At the Lyme-Autism conference last week I had the opportunity to try a device which I was sure was a scam but now am a believer. Note: read this article with the knowledge that I have only used the device a few times and just a week ago, so no conclusive evidence as of yet. I felt compelled to write a review, however, so here is my review of the MRS 2000 Designo unit.

Lyme Diet book by Nicola McFadzean – NOW IN STOCK

The new book is here!

Read more about The Lyme Diet

You can also read excerpts:

Table of Contents


Candida & Intestinal Health

Liver Support

Plum Island: Evidence that Can’t be Ignored

Have you heard the hype and conspiracy theories about Plum Island (that this was the origination of Lyme disease, created by irresponsible [or worse] US Government employed scientists)?

Well, here are a few studies that prove that tick-borne diseases were in fact studied in depth at Plum Island, right around the same time period (early 90’s) as Lyme disease began to take off. You decide what happened…