Stem Enhance – Breakthrough or hazardous?

StemTech Stem TechSeveral people have told me that they think Stem Enhance has helped them, and I am in no position to doubt them. If it helps you, great! However, I have come across some shocking information…read on…

First, here is the product in question:

This product appears to offer enhancement to stem cell release. OK, so how do they do that? Well, the primary ingredient in the product is aphanizomenon flos-aquae. What is this? It is blue-green algae. This makes me a little suspicious and dissapointed. The miracle stem-enhancer is algae? Check out this article:


OK, I admit. The above is just speculation on the possible dangers/scam of this product. Again, if it has helped you, great! Just wanted to share the research I found.   :-)

Product Label:

Stem Enhance Label

Bryan Rosner

  • Nellie

    I was recently introduced to stem enhance . the person that introduced them to me has been my friend for 29 years. she is a very honest person and not one to get excited about people claiming that the new product they have discovered can do miracles. She would be more apt to shy away. but she got excited when a mutual friend who was taking 18 different prescriptions for everything from diabetes,many memory and mind problems, parkinsons and the list goes on. She is offmost;y all of them if not all and her parkinsons shaking has stopped, her mental capacities have so much improved and her alertness, her migraine headaches have stopped and she is now going to an exercise program every day and running her business! We have known this lady since the early 80’s. she has always had several health problems. She had moved to Illinois for several years but moved here a little over a yeear ago. When we first saw her we could not get over how old and slumped over and awful she looked. She is in her sixties. We are in our
    seventies We looked and acted younger than she did. So now becaause of stem enhance and algae from simplexity she is looking 15 years younger and is on the ball. It is a delight to see her so perky and getting better all the time.
    My friend who told me about the product has acid reflux and some other health issues. She was going to a health doctor who had her on so many vitamins and supplements. we were at a luncheon at out mutual friend’s house when my friend hada an acid reflux attack. They gave her some stem enhance and algae. 30 minutes later she was back in the swing and could have lunch with us. She is only taking 2 things now plus stem enhance and algae from simplexity and saving about $200 a month besides, these are people we know and that is a small list, there are many more who are not initials from some far away place placed in an add, but individuals we can see and touch and know it is real.
    sincerely this is not a duplicate. I have never written you or heard of you until now

  • mike

    search for research on
    cyanophyta aphanizomenon and stem cells. There appears to be research that suggest that this produce increases the circulation of certain types of stem cells. There is no indication of what the healthe effects of those increases are. so buyer beware and doe your homework before you take any supplement.

  • wendy Fuller

    im interested in knowing of anyone treating their autistic family member with stemtech or stem enhance? thanks
    Grandma Wendy

  • Beth

    I am still learning about this product. After my hubby’s heart attack, he has been on a series of medications. Over the past couple of years, his heart disease has gotten worse. It used to be that he could forget his medication three days before his body would tell him he needed it. Then he began to get so bad that in the mornings, if he didn’t have it, he would gasp for breath. He’s been on it three weeks now and no longer gasps for air in the morning. We know there are risks, but at this point, he was dying. Now he looks better. We’ll keep trying it.

  • Ann Marie

    I had injury to my head, ribs, back, neck and jaw from a MVA. Lesions on brain left me with tremors, seizures, memory loss, neck and back pain. Finally, a chiropractor put me to rights, but my back was weak and I adjusted my life to baby it. Headaches, seizures, pain part of daily life until stem enhance.

    Since taking it, all headaches gone since second week, scars from childhood gone, back pain diminished over time, gone completely. Regained so much memory, amazing. I described it to my chiropractor and he showed me which area of the brain that generated it. Fascinating! Grew hair back lost to medicine, about a third thicker than it ever was. Boy, was my hairdresser surprised.

    Herniated discs at work and woke up unable to sit up or walk the next morning. Walking 2 inches at a time, got to chiropractor, who planned 6 weeks bed rest to start. Took stem enhance for 2 days and walked without pain at a normal pace to my second appt. Changed to 3 weeks bed rest. He said in his entire career, he had Never seen such progress. Xrays and MRI showed disc damage, 2nd MRI months later showed no damage. I helped a friend pack, move and unload a 26ft truck last week. It was invigorating. No pain since.

    As of the second week, headaches gone completely, seizures gone completely, childhood scars on face and body gone, dry eye gone, hair growth my new normal.

    Same level of results for my mom and friends who tried it. I will take it for the rest of my life. Thank the person who told you about it!!

  • Ronnie

    This stuff does work,ive been taking it for almost 4 years now and im still alive,LOL.At first i thought the lady at the health store WAS A NUT CASE. recommending it for my tennis elbow.Ayway WITHIN 2 days the pain was totally gone,I gave it fre to and ole lady down the hall from where i live and she came back 3 days later saying her arttitis was gone,i really was blown away because i was sceptical from the start.ALSO i sent a free bottle to my mother and her back pain went away that she had for years,I also gave a free bottle to my brother and his busted knee healed within weeks,I know this all sounds like its quackey,but i really dont care if you dont belive this.My story and i swear on 1000 stacks of bibles and God stick me dead right now.

    Ronnie Smith

  • Steveo

    More positive proof that placebos work!!!

    … Oh, and that you can make any story sound compelling if you are making money from it ;)

    Good luck with that!

  • Pat Harris

    I just want to say that I’ve had better results with products. I did try other brands but find their AFA and Stem Naturals somehow works best for me, and my Mom. I don’t know what the big thing is about blue green algae products being safe. They are all tested and approved by the state of Oregon, FDA,etc.

  • Ann Little

    I have been taking stemEnhance for a week. I am having a real problem with gas ever since I started taking it. Is this a side effect and how long does it last.

  • cmaglaughlin

    I bought 20 $60 bottles at a flea market for $6.00! They were all very fresh, and still in their never opened packing boxes! The guy who took my money never opened one of the boxes to see the packing slip showing $60.00 retail for each bottle. I thought, what a scam. Stem cells in a bottle. Then I read up on the product. Then I saw their promotion material, DVD’s, seminar notes, and testing results. I saw many happy faces and read glowing reports of happy distributors and testimonials from “healed” users. No reports of any trouble from taking the product. I’m sure we would have heard by now. So, after 7 months on the product, I can truthfully say, “I’m still alive.” As for any recognized benefits realized, I’m still not holding my breath! The absolute ludicrous price of $60.00 a bottle better start working for those who are in bad health and who paid full price! I’d be tempted to demand my money back if it did not produce something obvious. But then, I only paid 30 cents each! Gee, I’m having fun for so little money! I’ll keep reporting back, or you’ll know why!

  • John

    to: cmaglaughlin

    Please let me know if you used the capsuls and if you experienced improvements in your health status.

    Thank you


  • cmaglaughlin

    For a few months now I’ve been done with my huge cheap supply of StemEnhance. The only glaring malady I’ve experienced is an unbelievable pain in my right knee where I had surgery 45 years ago. I’m not talking just change in the weather pain, which is common from cartilage removal surgery, but complete debilitating pain! To make a long story short, I took a couple Naproxen. Bingo…No pain since.I feel great and my knee does feel stronger and “fuller.” HMMM…maybe regrowth of cartilage finally broke through! StemEnhance touts this in their material. However, I rub a pain creme very high in menthol and DMSO on it every morning. DMSO supposedly has shown the same results. I would NEVER pay so much for a bottle of algae! StemEnhance has not yet convinced me of its value. I’ll keep you posted!

  • Mary Toso

    I don’t believe this many people would benefit from placebo. In fact STEMTech, not now Cell Tech, cMaclaughlin, has done placebo studies and found their products did make the difference.

    My Mom who would never support any downline I ever tried and would never try them herself, was persuaded to give some to my Dad who was beginning to feel worse as 83 year old from fatigue. His alertness and energy so improved that she bought the business opportunity for me to try and the product. I have been somewhat skeptical, but know that the results my Mom would see, she younger and a nurse, are no imaginary thing. That said, I believe that every person has their own stem cell release patterns, based on some research online I’ve seen, and that the product does have to be tried for the individual. I should recommend free trials. However they do offer money back if not satisfied. I’m still learning and that is why I’m here, but have heard other stories about people. The first day I actively worked at selling, which I’ve put on hold anyway, the woman I shared with had two sisters selling it. Interesting coincidence I thought. One had a foot injury and based on doctor’s prognosis believes she is walking because of STEMTech products. I wouldn’t believe a placebo could offer the miracles these people describe. That doesn’t mean everyone will get the same results as with anything in nature. Peanuts are great for me, but not someone allergic for example. They are telling testimonies and we are not supposed to say that this product will definitely do these things, but the testimonies are way beyond anything a placebo has ever done anywhere, or everyone would buy placebos instead!

  • Matt Spiller

    I don’t know why people can be so negative about this breakthrough product! Let me give you my story. I have a very close friend she is 50 years old she got left by her husband, drinked, smoked and hardly ate anything, to be honest she looked so terrible I thought she was going to die and I had no choice but to take her to the hospital, they gave her pills to take and said she needed to come back regularly, I gave her a bottle of stem enhance and told her to take 2 caps a day for the month, I then went on holiday and visited her 2 weeks later, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I went away knowing I was leaving what looked like a frail old lady who I thought was going to die if she continued the way she was going, to a COMPLETLEY different person, she had so much energy she was eating more she looked 100 times better! she stopped taking all the other pills from the doctor and just took the Stem Enhance and she says she will now take it forever, although we cant say that the Stem Enhance has cured her, because all its doing is releasing more adult stem cells into the blood stream, she certainly sees the benefits, I know the power of this product. If you need any more help or advice than do not hesitate to contact me via email

    Here to help


  • Becky97045

    Cmaglaughlin, maybe that StemEnhance didn’t work because they’re expired or soon to be expired. Since that stuff is all natural, old supplements can rot in the bottle. What are the expiration dates on them? And why would you buy them from a flea market? Anyway, I tried a bottle and I got pretty good results. It was the first time I ever heard of the product and so I tried it. My vision got better, my skin is stronger and cleaner (acne-free), and my joints seem to have gotten better.

    I drank a lot of coffee and coke and I used to run a lot but because my knee cartilages no longer seem to be there to support my bones (the leg bones felt like they were rubbing against each other), it started to hurt each time I ran, even after 5 minutes. I couldn’t bend my legs all the way to 90 degrees. This was when I was in my mid-20’s!! After taking this and adding more milk to my diet, I can run again even faster than before: 8.5 miles an hour going uphill the whole time! Now I run 30 minutes to an hour everyday and I don’t have any knee/joint pain what-so-ever!

  • http://none Oren

    I am a dialysis patient and I tried stemenhance for several months . I was hoping to see improvement of my kidney function. I experienced pain in my chest and left lower rib cage after months of use. I went into the emergency room, and labs, and xrays showed nothing…the pain did occur after I started taking stemenhance..could it be new tissue growth causing the pain ? I was forced to stop due to the pain,,but it left me with a wonder,,what causedthe pain ? Was it helping ? I guess ill have to try again to find out..i can admit to you it lowered my blood pressure. But i cant say it did anything else for me..maybe i didnt give it enough time.. is there anyone out there whos tried it for renal failure ?? please let me know…and feel free to reply ,i look forward to your responces. thanks Oren ( )

  • tryanythingonce

    hi I am on kidney dialysis and also suffer from a blood condition called SLE which was mentioned on ‘this morning’ this morning!! they described it as rare! I suppose in comparsion to some diseases it is, however I have suffered from it for since the age of 13 and I am now over 40! well just!
    I have researched on supplements,all my ill life as I believe there is a natural cure for everydisease that has been given to Mankind, well anyway, I stumbled on this cell enhancer and yes I have been taking it for over 2 weeks and I feel so great….. for all those out there that are dialysis or have lupus please please contact your doctor/consultant first…..
    I am not sure if it has helped my kidneys, my next bloods are due to be taken in a couple of weeks time so will keep you posted

  • Jen

    Oren- I too have recently experienced pain in an area damaged 7 years ago from surgical removal of skin and muscle that resulted in scar tissue. I am very heartened at your experience of having new pain from possible new tissue growth as well. This is the second round of me taking some stem enhance and the same pain in the area happened last time as well. I personally am taking it as a good sign for my body and will continue to take the stem enhance.

  • John

    I am an acupuncturist in Masterton New Zealand, and I have been recomending stemenhance to my patients for nearly 3 years only because of my results in regards to dengue hemorrhagic fever and gilberts syndrome (stemenhance didn’t cure these but I have been symptom free from both for 3 years) once I saw a change in myself I talked to the heads of the company and my doctors and did my own due dilligence I was happy enough to recomend it to my patients and my doctor is now recomending them to his patients after seeing the diffrence it has made to mutuial patients. I recomend it as part of a healthy diet at 4 caps a day.
    I have seen a 25-40% reduction in the amount of treatments I give when people are on SE at the same time. If any one would like to contact me yoiu can do so at

  • sharon lee

    I am thinking of starting Stem Enhance but I have problems with gas in my stomach. Will taking Stem Enhance make it worse ? Anyone having this problem ?

  • Polly

    I have been taking Stem tech products for the last 8 months and have noticed no difference whatsoever to any of my health problems. I am about to stop as I feel I have given it long enough for some improvement to show, and I can no longer justify the cost for no improvement at all. I really envy all these people who have had great success, and am sad that nothing has happened for me.

  • oren


    Are you still using stemenhance ? any new updates you can share ? Anyone using it for renal failure ? contact me at

  • Oren

    Jenn…Got any updates for me ? still taking it ? How about anyone else ?

  • hikaw

    i tried taking stem enhance with hesitation. first week, my hair started growing thicker; second week, no more constipation; third week, hyperacidity is gone.

    still couldn’t believe but physical improvement is happening. now my philosophical husband joined me.

  • Orenjeansonne

    Jen,  How are you now ?  Are you still on SE ?  Can you update me on your situation ?  

  • Charles Maglaughlin

    As I stated, they were “‘FRESH.” Flea Markets are composed of mostly sellers who bid upon and won storage buy out auctions. Terrific deals are to be had. Many times the sellers are clueless about the value of many of their items. As far as “expired” supplements, I’ve been purchasing and taking them for over 40 years. I’m still kicking, and liking the fact that you can often get 10 for the price of ONE retail. Stem Enhance and the company have their problems, for sure, but many are making a ton of money, and some even are benefiting greatly from the product physically. It’s only money. I finished the 20 bottles…yawn.(My hair is still gray). 

  • inquisitivemind

    And??? What did your bloods say? Are you still taking it?

  • tatya

    Absolutely great product! Found it this february 2014 and also was hesitating at the beginning but i was looking for smth innovative for my mom who has big problems with her heart and arthrithis, so after 2 weeks already after taking these magic capsules my mother began to feel much better and now she is very very happy) will be happy to answer your questions please contact me wishing health to everyone!

  • Adrian Wong

    You should read this –

    Be sure to at least read about the health risks and the FDA warning –