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Lyme World in Transition

If there is any doubt that the Lyme Disease world is in transition, this should make it absolutely clear. These two news items are lightyears apart yet sat right next to each other on my Google Lyme Disease News Alert that came by email today. Continued

Artemisinin and Mean Herx Reactions

I would like to take a poll: Of those reading this blog, how many of you have taken artemisinin for Babesia and related co-infections, and how many of you have herxed on it – and how badly? Furthermore, did it lead to any noticable improvement? Please reply by leaving a comment below…

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Mangosteen: Powder or Juice?

In my book The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments,, I talk about Mangosteen as being one of the best supplements for Lyme disease for many reasons, including its powerful antibiotic charcteristics. However, I mention a product in the book, Xango, which I no longer believe is the best route to take. Here’s why. Continued

Florida “Lifelyme” group’s Lyme Disease Newsletter

This is a pretty interesting newsletter from the Florida Lifelyme support / advocacy group, thought I would share it here.


Under Our Skin media coverage

Nov 5, 2008

I have compiled a listing of many of the major network stations that have done stories on Lyme disease and the new Lyme disease film, “Under Our Skin.” These videos are only about 1 to 2 minutes each, so watching them all is just about 15 minutes. Continued

The Lyme Community loses a Hero – Leslie Wermers

Leslie Wermers Minnesota Lyme Fighters Advocacy Support GroupLeslie (along with her sister Tracie) is a hero who founded the Minnesota Lyme Fighters Advocacy Group. After Leslie passed away a few days ago I feel compelled to share some information about her amazing life. The best way to learn about her tremendous impact is by looking at this page, with a few videos of Leslie.

Here are my personal thoughts on Leslie’s passing: This loss is so tragic, it has been keeping me up at night. I met Leslie just days before her death at the 2008 ILADS conference. Her spirit touched me even then.

Leslie and Tracie (Leslie’s sister) are awesome. They are the brightest and truest spirits in the Lyme community that I have ever met. When I first met Tracie and Leslie, I kept waiting for their first-impression angelic qualities to wear off into real life relationship that comes when you actually “know someone well.” But the better I got to know them, the more conversations I had, and the more their true character was revealed……the clearer it became that no – this was not just a first impression and no, this was not just a “show” – this was who they truly were, out there on the front lines, staying up late to help people, spending hours on the phone with desperate patients. Their behavior should be a model for all of us.

In my line of work I get phone calls from way too many people but whenever Leslie would call me, my face would light up and it would be as if time would stand still. I could just tell that there were no pretenses, just caring affection and the desire to help.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless and keep you Leslie and we will never forget your kindness, passion and spirit which reached across thousands of miles as if it were next door. -Bryan Rosner

Bryan Rosner Tracie Schissel
Me (Bryan, Left) with Tracie Schissel at 2008 ILADS Conf.

Me (Bryan, Right) with Leslie Wermers at 2008 ILADS Conf.