BioMed Publishing Group Information Independence Policy

BioMed Publishing Group Information Independence Policy

The BioMed Publishing Group Information Independence Policy is now the primary guideline which we follow in regards to discussion of rife machines with our audience and readership, as well as future publications relating to the topic of rife machines. The policy also addresses medical advice in general, and advertising programs involving rife machine manufacturers or resellers.

For the purpose of this document, “BioMed Publishing Group” and “we” refers to Bryan Rosner and any other agents acting on behalf of Bryan Rosner or BioMed Publishing Group.

What were the events leading up to the creation of this policy?

We continue to get phone calls and emails from numerous people asking Bryan Rosner and/or BioMed Publishing Group to personally recommend which rife machine(s) to purchase. It must be understood that while Bryan Rosner wrote his books to share his research and opinion about rife machines, as well has his own personal experience with them, Bryan Rosner does not suggest that anyone else use rife machines. He does not advocate their use to the public because they are experimental and not FDA approved. Please do not contact Bryan Rosner and ask about which machine to purchase, build, acquire, or use. As a non-medical layperson, Bryan Rosner is not a doctor or physician, and it is against the law for him to offer medical advice to anyone, which includes advice about purchasing rife machines, whether by phone, email, or other means of communication. While Bryan can share his opinion in the form of printed books and DVDs, he cannot answer questions from specific individuals pertaining to the use or purchase of rife machines.

Furthermore, the policy was deemed necessary after a legal review was completed, indicating that our informational resources (books and DVDs) will be best protected by the United States Constitution if we remain independent from the rife machine industry.

In order to obey the law and communicate our stance on this issue more thoroughly, the BioMed Publishing Group Information Independence Policy was created.

What is the purpose of the policy?

The BioMed Publishing Group Information Independence Policy has been created to allow Bryan Rosner and BioMed Publishing Group to maintain credibility, journalistic objectivity, and informational separation between our books/DVDs on rife machine technology and the rife machine industry at large.

Case law has set precedents which indicate that manufacturing, marketing and selling rife-type devices is illegal under most circumstances. Conversely, writing and publishing non-commercial books has always been legal and protected by the United States Constitution First Amendment governing freedom of speech and freedom of press. So, with regard to rife machines, there is a clear dichotomy here. On the one hand, it is legal to publish information about rife machines, but on the other hand, it is illegal to manufacture, market, distribute and sell them. The BioMed Publishing Group Information Independence Policy is the guideline we have created in order to ensure that we remain squarely on the legal side of this dichotomy.

What exactly is the policy?

The BioMed Publishing Group Information Independence Policy is comprised of the following rules:
1. Bryan Rosner and BioMed Publishing Group will not publish any information on any specific rife machine brands, manufacturers, or distributors. While we may publish information (in our books, videos, and websites) on various technologies and characteristics of rife machines in general, this information shall remain generic and independent from any particular commercial brand or company. We will no longer be publishing information about the devices if there is any commercial component attached. Examples of topics we will not publish on are the following:

a. Where rife machines can be purchased.
b. Who manufactures rife machines.
c. Websites, phone numbers, or other contact information for resellers of the devices.

These restrictions also apply to any communication Bryan Rosner and BioMed Publishing Group has with the public whether by email, phone, or other communication method. If we receive inquiries with the above types of questions, we will simply refer you to this document.

2. The current legal climate in the rife device industry has made it clear that manufacturing and selling rife-type devices may be illegal. Furthermore, as our legal review has concluded, the act of even so much as marketing or advertising the devices may also be illegal – even by a company that does not, and has never,  manufactured or sold the actual devices. Accordingly, BioMed Publishing Group has instituted a rule that prohibits any rife machine manufacturers, distributors or resellers from participating in any of our advertising programs. This will ensure that we remain financially independent from the rife machine industry, and will also increase our journalistic credibility. The rule ensures that our books and DVDs remain classified as non-commercial speech, which allows them to be protected under constitutional freedom of speech rights. If you are selling rife-type devices, please do not contact us regarding advertising opportunities.

3. BioMed Publishing Group will continue to evaluate this policy and may take steps in the future to add additional legal security features to the policy in order that we remain in compliance with the law, and remain informationally and financially independent of the commercial rife machine industry.

Other types of medical advice

As has always been our policy, we will not respond to any inquiries that ask us for medical advice even if it is not related to rife machines. If you have a medical problem please consult a licensed physician. Our company exists to provide informational books and DVDs, not to answer specific medical questions. Bryan Rosner has no medical training or qualifications and hence his activities are limited to writing and publishing.

Lyme/Rife Discussion Forum

In a related action, Bryan Rosner has made the decision to no longer provide an internet Lyme/Rife discussion group. The group Bryan moderated for years was closed to new discussion activity at roughly the same time that the BioMed Publishing Group Information Independence Policy took effect. Again, this action was taken to ensure that our educational resources (books and DVDs) remain completely separate from not only the rife machine industry itself, but also discussion of various devices. Scott Adams, a person who used to be a member of the forum, has formed a new online discussion group where you can visit to participate in Lyme/Rife-related discussion.

How can I find information on where to purchase a rife machine, or which rife machine I should get?

We are sorry, but we cannot help you in this area or supply you with this type of information.

Use of the word “Investigational” in our books and disclaimers

When we originally described the treatments in our books as “investigational,” what we meant was simply that the therapies are experimental and not widely proven or accepted by mainstream medicine. However, an attorney we recently consulted indicated that the word “investigational” has very specific legal meaning and is used to describe therapies that are currently being considered for approval by the FDA. Therefore, it was a mistake for us to use this word due to the fact that the treatments discussed in our publications are NOT currently undergoing FDA testing or investigation. Consequently, use of this word may have been misleading. Please be aware of this mistake and understand that while rife machines and the other alternative treatments discussed in our books are experimental, they are not “investigational” based on the legal definiton of the word.


The BioMed Publishing Group Information Independence Policy has been implemented to ensure that BioMed Publishing Group remains independent from the rife machine industry. The policy also ensures that BioMed Publishing Group’s books and DVDs will remain non-commercial speech, and will not be related to commerce, advertising, distribution, or sale of rife-type devices.
How can I help?

We would like your cooperation in this policy. Please help us remain independent from the rife machine industry by refraining from asking questions about rife machine brands, manufacturers, models, sources of acquisition, etc, whether by phone, email, or other means of communication. When you call or email to order books or DVDs, please be aware of this policy before you initiate dialogue with us.

If you decide to acquire and/or experiment with a rife machine, please realize that we cannot be of help or support to you during that endeavor. Please direct any and all related questions to your licensed physician.
Further information

Please read our general disclaimer.

It is important to understand that rife machines are experimental and not FDA approved, and consequently, there does not presently exist a reliable and safe protocol for their use. As a result, any course of action relating to the purchase or use of these devices should be considered strictly experimental and investigational. If you have a medical problem, see a licensed physician. The statements made about rife machines by BioMed Publishing Group and/or Bryan Rosner have not been approved by the FDA and are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure disease. Bryan Rosner is a layperson, not a medical doctor or health care practitioner.

For more cautionary information on rife machines, please see the disclaimer from Bryan Rosner’s book, Lyme Disease and Rife Machines.