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Holy Cow, It Works! New rife testimonial

This was posted on one of the Lyme/Rife groups recently, I thought I would share:

About three years ago, the balls of my feet began to hurt and my toes were going numb while I was running. It got worse and worse until it was hard to walk too many steps in a day. 3 podiatrists, cortisone shots, sonograms, and an MRI turned up nothing. 

My wife of 18+ years has had Lyme for 25+ years, but was just diagnosed a few months ago. Working on a guess that I might have contracted Lyme from her (as an STD), I bought a used EMEM from a nice person on this board.

I gave myself a treatment directed at my feet (2m@432, 2m@800, 2m@4328, 2m@10K) before bed one night last week. I could feel electrical pops every couple of seconds in my feet at 432 and 800. I woke up the next morning with no pain in my feet. It lasted for five days, longer than I’ve been pain free for a couple of years. I’ve followed it up with another treatment to not as good an effect, but I’m patient.

In a word, I’m stunned. I was a HUGE skeptic, and here I have evidence it works, at least for me.

I don’t know that I have lyme, but I apparently have something, and the EMEM is working.