Herx Reaction Fundamentals

You get to see more and more of my book, Lyme Disease and Rife Machines, online for free these days! This post is an excerpt from the book addressing herxheimer reactions, also known as “herx reactions.” Have no clue what that is? Keep reading to find out. Believe it or not, the herx reaction is one of the most important topics you will ever study as a Lyme disease patient or practitioner.

Understanding Lyme Disease symptoms

The first step to understanding the recovery process is reviewing the herx reaction. To appreciate the herx reaction, it is necessary to first examine regular, ongoing Lyme Disease symptoms.

Consider what happens when you get the flu: You get body aches, chills, fever, nausea, lack of appetite, fatigue, lethargy, and sometimes additional symptoms. What you may not know is that these flu symptoms are not caused simply by the presence of a flu infection in the body. Symptoms experienced are actually a result of your body’s immune system responding to the flu infection via inflammation.

These unpleasant symptoms of inflammation are essential to getting over the flu. Chills are your body’s way of telling you to bundle up and get warmer, and the actual shaking involved with the chills is your body’s way of increasing core body temperature through motion. After you’ve bundled up and had the chills for a while, a fever results and your body uses the fever to activate the immune system. A fever triggers a cascade of immune system activities necessary to fight infection. Lack of appetite is your body telling you that there isn’t enough energy to process food – all available energy is fighting the infection. Muscle aches, soreness and inflammation are the result of your immune system responding to the infection and your body fighting back.

Without these symptoms present during the flu, your body would not be fighting and you would not get over the common flu.

Because Lyme Disease is an infection, as the flu is, most symptoms experienced by a Lyme Disease sufferer are the body’s response to the infection. The spirochetes themselves (their physical presence in the body) are not responsible for the majority of symptoms in Lyme Disease.

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As with the flu, symptoms of Lyme Disease are an indication that the body is responding and fighting. Yet, curiously, even in some of the worst Lyme Disease infections, symptoms can wax and wane, even with occasional symptom-free periods. Some people report that when they were first infected with Lyme Disease they were plagued with flu-like symptoms and even bedridden for a while … and then things seem to get better, and their symptoms became less intense. For example, many people with Lyme Disease are still able to walk around, go to the movies, even work full or part time – all this while they have a raging, active infection which is much more dangerous than the flu. Lyme Disease sufferers often do not get fevers – sometimes are even incapable of getting a fever. Considering that a fever is the body’s most useful tool in fighting infection, this observation is also peculiar. The flu involves intense, continual symptoms. Lyme Disease often does not.

Lack of debilitating symptoms, absence of fevers, and presence of symptom-free periods may convince a person infected with Lyme Disease that they aren’t really that sick. This is an understandable assumption because in most illnesses lack of symptoms does indicate that you are on the mend.

The truth as it pertains to Lyme Disease is shocking. Lack of expected symptoms indicates that the infection is actually winning – it is not gone! The body fighting is what causes symptoms. So, if there are no symptoms, there is no fight. The infection has free reign and the immune system is not doing its job. Why does the human immune system fight the common flu but not Lyme Disease?

What separates Lyme Disease from the flu is that the Lyme spirochete tricks the immune system into living in harmony with the infection. The immune system’s ability to identify Lyme Disease as a foreign invader is jammed and disabled by the advanced infective activities of the bacteria.

The infection acclimatizes to the immune system.

Lyme Disease researchers have identified many specific strategies employed by the Lyme Disease bacteria to accomplish this. One of the most creative involves the spirochete concealing the part of its bacterial body containing a protein code that tells your immune system it is an invader. Not only can it hide this code, it can change it quickly enough to stay ahead of the immune system recognition process. This phenomenon is called antigen-shifting. The flu virus cannot do this. Other methods of immune system evasion are beyond the scope of this book but can easily be found in other Lyme Disease literature.

The result of the infection’s ability to evade the immune system is that the bacteria can proliferate and grow for years without challenge from the immune system.

Enter chronic Lyme Disease.

Although the bacteria are able to persist largely unchallenged, a person will still experience symptoms of disease. People with chronic Lyme Disease, although often not as acutely ill as people with the flu, are very sick. In “stealth mode” the Lyme Disease spirochete secretes a neurotoxin that is highly destructive to body functions and can result in stressed liver detoxification, lethargy and fatigue, muscle soreness, mental confusion, emotional instability, hypothalamus dysfunction, and much more. Hypothalamus dysfunction eventually throws off the thyroid and adrenal glands and other hormonal functions, which results in a cascade of dozens of other symptoms.





Additionally, because the spirochete’s evasion is not 100% successful, the immune system may sometimes “catch a glimpse” of the infection, resulting in symptoms of inflammation and immune system activation. A person can experience chills, headache, sore throat, nausea, fatigue, muscle aches, enlarged spleen, cold extremities, etc. The most notable symptoms are typically in the brain. The brain can become inflamed, as it would with any other bacterial infection. Encephalopathy or meningitis may occur, along with very scary brain symptoms including confusion, “Lyme rage,” depression, memory loss, etc.

Based on this information, we can establish that the two primary causes of symptoms in Lyme Disease are neurotoxin circulation (which persists despite immune system acclimatization) and inflammation (which decreases as the infection acclimatizes to the immune system). Let’s see how this relates to herx reactions.

Understanding the herx reaction

Most Lyme Disease sufferers know of the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction as a “herx,” or “getting worse before you get better,” or a “healing crisis.” The herx reaction is documented to take place in Syphilis, Lyme Disease, and a few other spirochetal illnesses, all capable of evading the immune system. The reaction is named after two scientists who discovered the phenomenon. Adolf Jarisch (1850-1902), was an Austrian dermatologist who published his description of the reaction in 1895. Karl Herxheimer (1861-1944) was a German dermatologist who published his description of the reaction in 1902.

The definition of a herx reaction is an increase in the symptoms of a spirochetal disease (such as Syphilis, Lyme Disease, or relapsing fever) occurring in some persons when treatment with spirocheticidal therapy is started. In the case of Lyme Disease the herx reaction is an increase in the symptoms caused by neurotoxin circulation and inflammation:

  • Increased neurotoxin circulation. As you’ve seen, during normal lifecycle activities, the spirochete secretes neurotoxins. However, when the spirochete is killed, an intense release of neurotoxins from dying bacterial organisms floods the body. Increased neurotoxin circulation can last from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the sufficiency of a person’s detoxification pathways as well as the extent of the kill-off.
  • Increased inflammation. Whether using rife machines or antibiotics (or some other anti-Lyme activity), spirochetes will become irritated or killed during the attack. Their delicate, once-hidden antigens (protein codes which alert the immune system to the presence of an invader) will be exposed as spirochetes die and their bacterial proteins enter circulation. Suddenly the immune system will detect multitudes of spirochetes infecting various locations of the body. The immune system was unable to “see” the spirochetes before the kill off, but when the infection does become visible, major immune system activation begins. The body starts fighting during a herx reaction. So symptoms of inflammation increase as they would in the flu. The reaction can vary from person to person, depending on the extent of the infection, location of infected areas, and body constitution. Although the inflammatory portion of the herx response is unpleasant and involves greatly increased symptoms, it is a sign that therapy was successful because spirochetes are dying and the immune system is fighting. Lyme Disease cannot be eradicated if the immune system is not activated.

The combination of the above two events constitute a herx reaction.

After anti-Lyme therapy is stopped and time passes, the herx reaction slowly ends. The bacteria that were unaffected by treatment remain in the body, largely undetected. These bacteria were not affected because they did not happen to be in the spirochete portion of their lifecycle when the treatment took place.
The stalemate between Lyme Disease and the immune system will continue after a herx reaction. Only now, some progress has been made. The treatment, in combination with a temporarily activated immune system, has killed some bacteria. Bacterial load was reduced, and consequently the person will experience a decrease in ongoing symptoms of inflammation and neurotoxin circulation. The decrease in symptoms may be subtle because only a small percentage of the bacterial load was effected.

To read more about the herx reaction, order Lyme Disease and Rife Machines.

  • Gina

    I have read a lot about the typical Herx, but I seem to get episodes of near loss of consciousness, extreme fatigue, mild nausea, mild chest pain and a feeling of impending doom about 10 days into antibiotic treatment. These symptoms are VERY frightening, and I keep thinking that I should go to the ER. But, they pass in about an hour, and I am just left feeling exhausted. Has anyone else ever felt this on Mepron and Zithromax or Mepron and Biaxin? Please help. Maybe it’s not a herx at all, and maybe I need a doctor.

  • Leslie Green

    I am two weeks into antibiotic treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease. I am obviously starting to experience the Herx reaction, as I am in more pain that I ever have been, and my psychological well-being is completely shot. Will this end? I have just about decided to quit treatmen because this is worse than anything I have ever been through.

  • bonnie glick

    Leslie..I hope you made it ok..I am now on the 30 days almost finished how are you doing now???

  • 0ldman

    Just went through that again myself. Doxycycline for 20 days and 7 days of fluconazole for the last week. Did a real number on me, then once I started to improve, found the combination took a toll on one of my kidneys.

    I did find peace that the pain meant the critters were dying off, however, that did little to alleviate the symptoms.

    I was in similar torment around the same time as you Leslie. Just recently reawakened my relationship with God and it really helped me get through this. It didn’t help the pain to go away, but helped me deal with it without going completely mad.

    Looking forward to the rest of the recovery process. Still a long road ahead.

  • http://yahoo brionna

    Iam doing a project on lyme disease still don know much.

  • Deborah Rondeau

    Hey Folks, Hope the past people that posted comments are feeling okay. Feeling like your going Crazy, feeling like going to the ER because the symptoms of Herxing are that frightening are so common to me as well. The brain inflammation that comes along with any change to lyme disease treatment brings the Herx out of me . You start to wonder if you’d rather stay fatigued and sore the rest of your life ( on pain pills and such)instead however, when you have that day or 2 when you feel like your old self before sickness, WOW, you just want to be Lyme disease Free Again. Gather close and caring friends, not the non-supporters in your life and go on the HERX ride. It Will Be Worth it. We need to keep on fighting this disease, We deserve to beat it! Better heath to us all. Deb

  • Deborah Rondeau

    Hey Folks, Hope the past people that posted comments are feeling okay. Feeling like your going Crazy, feeling like going to the ER because the symptoms of Herxing are that frightening are so common to me as well. The brain inflammation that comes along with any change to lyme disease treatment brings the Herx out of me . You start to wonder if you’d rather stay fatigued and sore the rest of your life ( on pain pills and such)instead however, when you have that day or 2 when you feel like your old self before sickness, WOW, you just want to be Lyme disease Free Again. Gather close and caring friends, not the non-supporters in your life and go on the HERX ride. It Will Be Worth it. We need to keep on fighting this disease, We deserve to beat it! Better health to us all. Deb

  • Brenda Nelson

    I cannot find a doctor in NC that even believes that lyme is real. They have diagnosed me with every other thing and ignore the labs. I know all about the herx. You want to die and no one can understand. Sometimes I feel like I am going to crash. Will this ever end?

  • linda

    i have a wild headache, and fatigue, and nausue, after the sixth day of doxy.i was treated with iv therapy years okay,and told i have to live with pain, the rest of my life, so i found a doctor who is now treating me again with antibiotics, after two wb..both negative, but i still have reactive bands. thing is, i am starting to feel something different, like what we used to call ‘a good hurt’//

  • Mike

    The Herx reaction is what gave me my concrete diagnosis.
    It is so scary…feel as though death is minutes away. Sometimes the impending doom feeling only lasts minutes, but there are times it lasts hours.

    One side note — alcohol and Lyme do not mix (whether you are on meds or not). It exasperates the symptoms tenfold.

    Let’s do a group prayer for all that have Lyme. I am not a religious nut, but I do think prayer can’t hurt.

  • http://matthoover.blogspot.com/ Matthew Hoover

    I’m being treated now, and every seven days I have at least one day worth of strong symptoms. This week’s set has been awful.

    I go back in forth in my mind about whether these weekly spells are herxes, or whether they’re just the disease whacking me. I’ve felt pretty well lately in between flare-ups.

    But if I’m reading this right, there’s no doubt at all that these are herxes, right? Symptoms equal immune response equals healing, right?

    I think for a lot of Lyme people, the herxes and symptoms would be more tolerable if we could be certain that it was worth it for our healing. Uncertainty about it makes me want to quit and try something else.

  • Andy G.

    I have very strong reactions… last year in June (2009)… I had a reaction so bad that my legs lost allot of strength for months… I lost feeling in my hands, my tongue, and it became a challenge to speak properly. Breathing also became more labored…

    The attack only lasted a minute or two at it’s strongest but did allot of damage. Most of the symptoms abated over a weeks time…. I never asked the spirochetes what they thought of the event but I’m sure allot of them lost their sorry lives that day.

    Anyways… these reactions can be strong, and they do damage… but if somehow we can try to keep our herxing consistant and ramp up the method of kill when we start to feel better… perhaps we can get better. The methods of killing are antibiotics, rife, certain herbs and a host of other things like ozonated water, sauna etc…

    I hope I don’t have that strong of a reaction again this year but I’m going to try to step up the killing and keep herxing when I start to feel better. We can’t make the mistake of letting things go when we feel better. In my opinion MS is nothing more than a chronic bacterial infection… some may believe it’s from Chlamydia Pneumonia, some think strep, some think Lyme… no one is necessarily wrong. There is a stealth pathogen hiding in the boxy that occasionally becomes ‘visible’ to the immune system in mass quantities and you get a serious reaction. But, it can be overcome… whether you call it Lyme or MS.

    Wishing everyone healing on your road to recovery.

  • Nancy

    This is my 2nd lyme infection in past 2 years. Was just gettting over my first one after being treated by Lyme Specialist after 4-5 months of not being treated correctly first time. Caught this infection in first 2 weeks/know what to look for/started doxy 200mg twice daily. Started to herx after one week with almost constant muscle upper right back pain, that resolved. Felt really good then over did at gym/stayed in sauna too long, almost felt like passing out. Since then past 3 days has had great fatigue and brain fog. I am trying to keep working through it all, even though have had to miss a couple of days. I may prayfully thanking God for my healing again. I plan to take all the precautions necessary not to get infected again in the future.

  • Nancy

    Another comment:
    I had the herx back pain for 2 weeks almost constant. I had read on line about using Activated Charcoal for Lyme pain. It absorbs the bacteria die off and eliminates in the stools. I ok’d with my Lyme dr and it helped tremendously with my back pain. I was able to avoid pain pills, at times when especially bad at night I would take a muscle relaxer. So all you Lymies out there keep your chin up and we will get through this. I am a nurse and feel I was suppose to get Lyme to help others.

  • Donna

    Hello friends
    I chose to go another route, and am doing herbal lyme-formulated antibiotics (formulated by a naturopathic doctor who really knows what she is doing). Do you know, yes I have had some Herx’s, but they have not been too terrible (though my symptoms prior to therapy had been positively devastating) and for the most part, the progress has been steady with only a few occasional herx’s. When well formulated, and targeting just the right co-infections (it is specialized that way, not a one-size-fits-all thing as people mistakenly think) these herbs really do work! They stimulate your own immune system to action, rather than shocking the bugs per se. So things have not been too terrible. KEep in mind that I had been having stroke-like symptoms and nearly went psychotic prior to starting the herbs, yet I am so improved now, six months later. That’s pretty good, I think.
    If anyone wants to research this further, it needs to be done under the supervision of a doctor who knows naturopathics and Lyme, very well on both counts. Not just anybody who has treated a case or two of Lyme, and not anybody who knows one or two herbs, but really is an expert. That said, the name of the herbal company is Healthy Directions, in Rohnert Park, CA (800)-332-7713
    In addition to their formulas, my doctor (who is a mainstream MD practicing naturopathics and specializing in Lyme) put me on resveratrol, which he said is excellent for fighting bartonella.

    CAREFUL: Don’t mix any herbs with meds wtihout telling your doctor! You could overdo the therapy and hurt yourself, and/or they can also interact negatively with each other. Definitely, you must check wiht your doctor before mixing any herbs and drugs, and again I warn you, I am trained as a herbalist! (I am not connected to the company mentioned above, and am not making a dime in profit from anybody. Just wanted to let people know that this surely has worked well, for me).

    Gordon MEdical Associates in Santa Rosa, CA are a team of Lyme specialists, some mainstream-trained and others naturopathic docs, who are known to be among the best Lyme docs in the San Francisco Bay Area, should anyone reading this live there and want to contact them.

    It may be possible??? to consult the naturopath at Healthy Directions?? I don’t know.

    Best wishes, Donna

  • Joe

    Hello All……I don’t want to say I’m glad I am not alone in this…..but the feelings of despair from the wicked herxing? that have been described in these handful of posts match mine completely. Thinking I am on my way to a stroke, being bed ridden or dieing soon seems to be all too real.
    I am chosing a natural method after a short stint of only 6 weeks on doxy and the last 10 days on cipro as well…..The cipro was prescribed for excessive fluid in the lungs, which I believe now was from the doxy….hmmmm. There still remains and was prior to the doxy a productive cough, which now I know is from a mycoplasm infection.
    The hard part is telling if it is herx or losing ground.
    I am now doing the salt/c protocol, artemisinin, and as of today colloidal silver. I believe only 2 hours after taking 2 oz of silver I am in one of those rough herxing modes…..
    Well, if I live through this, I plan on upping the colloidal silver to a point of a pint a day, divided into maybe 2 doses and with 1 drop of H Peroxide 3%.
    I am not suggesting this for anyone else. I am merely doing this for myself as per my research and I may be gambling with my own life, but I would rather be the one rolling the dice than the medical community at this point…….they have left me DOWN!!! Dr after Dr, ER Rooms, Tests, on and on…..not one out of 15 or so docs checked me for either lyme or mycoplasms. Enuf bashing of the Drs, but you may have been on this slide too.
    I agree with Mike, a group prayer for all is a great idea, in fact I have been praying for everyone worldwide who may have lyme that they find comfort from the pain and the path to recovery. God bless all who have these infections.

  • Sue

    I had a constant severe headache for 1 year (still have) before finally being diagnosed with Lyme. The Herxes from the antibiotics have been so severe within 5 days of taking them I have to go off, and haven’t been able to last more than 10 days on any medication. I am really worried that I will never get better because I can’t tolerate the meds, plus I don’t seem to recover from each Herx,I just get weaker and have lost a lot of weight and now am suffering hair loss also. Have there been many people who have tried the naturopathic remedy and have been successful? I see Donna has and I’m wondering if anyone else has tried this path? Also, has anyone experienced jaw pain? I just started getting that and it is brutal.

  • Patty

    I just found out two weeks ago I have lyme ( and have had it for 13 years now). I am stunned at all I have researched about lyme and discovered about my own life. I am blessed by your prayers and I too will pray in unity.

    I started a Lyme killer called A-BAB produced by Byron White. It’s an herbal formula. There are two more called A-BART and ALS. I started on A-BAB three days ago. I know it’s working because I broke out in a nasty rash and my face is swollen, especially around my right eye. I have had numbness in the right side of my face for years and tingly and numbness in my hands and feet. Feeling is starting to come back to these areas.

    I don’t know how the rest of therapy will go, but I will update if it continues to work. This stuff is supposed to completely get rid of all traces of the disease. Wow. I hope so.

  • Patty

    I am also on isotopic remedies for the co-infections. And the third formula is called A-L complex not ALS.

  • sonya

    makes you feel cared about when drs. tell your depressed & that lyme doesn`t exist in your state when u tell them 4 2 years that u pulled a tick off your body & no md listens, they are the cracked pots if they felt this way maybe they would give a ittle more time listening to the patients funny thing now 2 years later & lots of lost or stolen money down the drain & the cdc says i`m positive for lye, YA THINK, i feel like i`m, dying but not through fighting may GOD help us all…

  • Annie Purinton

    I am praying for you all. In the middle of a bad herx. Totally feel that any moment my husband will be rushing me to the ER. It is encouraging to hear all of your stories. I am going to keep going on the Herx ride. It makes it easier to cope knowing your killing the little buggers that are sucking the life out of you! Been through all of those drs too. Done with any dr, except lyme literate. God Bless All of You!! You are not alone.

  • Nancy Kelley

    Does everyone who takes antibiotics for Lyme experience the Herxe reaction at some time during the course of treatment? If one does not experience it does that mean you don’t have Lyme? Can Lyme and Bartonella be treated at the same time?

  • Mark

    Please move this to the appropiate section if required?

    Hi to all of you Unfortunate suffering people out there.
    I know what you are going through and feel for you, I was bitten by a tick in July 09 and developed the tell tell red rash after a week or so, I ignored the tick / bite that my wife pulled off a week earlier. I will never forget the day I first noticed the rash, my wife looked on line and our world started to collapse as we read and began to understand the significance of it. It was a Saturday afternoon and I could not get to see a doc until the following Monday, He turned out to be a waste of time and had never seen a case of lyme in his life!, he was actually excited at the prospect of treating it, he went on to ask if I could provide a few pictures of my rash for his personal records whilst assuring me that there was nothing to worry about! we’ll get it he said, as you have caught it early it should not be a problem!, he wanted to wait for my blood tests to come back before giving any antibiotics!, luckily I convinced him That I should start them immediately.
    I was given 100mg of doxy twice daily for 14 days, that is all you need according to the med info he said, well I herxed like crazy for the first 24 hours or so then felt slightly better, I still remember saying to my wife that first night that it felt like the devil was being purged from my body! I was dripping with sweat shaking and full of pain.
    Over the next few days I did improve slightly and continued with the ab until they were finished, by day 16 my original symptoms came back, my neck was stiff, the head aches reappeared and the general pains all over, Another trip to the docs and he decided to give more ab for 4 weeks he then contacted a lyme specialist to help him out!
    At this point my wife and I decided to go private and contacted a Lyme specialist, This chap was very helpful and suggested I take 400mg of doxy for 6 weeks! at first this amount concerned me but since reading more about this infection I think it was good advise?
    Now for the bombe shell, This specialist had warned my wife and I not to have intercourse or share drinks etc as lyme can be passed on very easily?, well he was right because as soon as we were in our car ready to leave my wife informed me that she to had all the symptoms of lyme and they had been getting worse for some time. This was turning into a nightmare for both of us, as soon as we arrived home she informed our doc who refused to believe she could have lyme as his med book never mentioned it being contagious! non the less after demanding more doxy he gave her a prescription of 200 mg daily for 14 days! these people do not learn! she started them that very day, within a few hours she started her first and most intense herx, I was feeling terrible, now I had passed this vile thing to my beautiful wife, that evening she ended up curled in a ball on the bathroom floor for hours all I could do was cover her with a blanket and keep an eye on her, As sickening as this was it proved without doubt that lyme was very contagious. We contacted the private health centre again and they issued enough doxy to make her coarse up to 400mg daily for 6 weeks
    So here we were the pair of us infected with lyme and both enduring a strong, long coarse of doxy, on 2 occasions I had to visit the local hospital as I thought my kidneys were failing due to the intense pains around that area. we did our best to carry on with work and life in general in fact my wife or I never missed one day from work throughout this whole ordeal we even managed to finish renovating our old house over this period! Neither of us like to give in, we are both dedicated body builders / fitness enthusiasts. We both agreed that the gym work actually made us feel better, possibly due to the increased oxygen intake?
    After a few weeks on the doxy we went to visit the NHS lyme specialist who turned out to be living in a cocoon, she flatly refused to believe my wife had lyme or could catch it from me! even after we explained everything including the herx’s!, this was going nowhere! she then informed our GP that neither of us were displaying any typical signs of lyme! (probably as we were already very fit / strong compared to most unhealthy individuals!), She informed our GP that I may have had lyme but not anymore as I still had a good grip, no loss of strength, or condition!!, To me I looked like crap compared to several weeks earlier!, This was madness.
    At this point we decided to take our health seriously and into our own hand, we looked on line bought a few books, including Brains top ten lyme treatments along with lyme and rife machines, we then decided to purchase a decent rife machine and ended up buying a new Doug / coil machine from the US, we used it a few times along with the ab for a few weeks just to get used to it, after the 6 weeks of ab we decided to wait and see how our bodied felt, we both had severe Candida but luckily know a lot about nutrition and only eat perfect foods never processed , we both got the Candida under control after a few weeks, I had it spread to my throat so used oxy flush Hydrogen peroxide to get it, this seems to have worked.
    So here we are now 20 months later and things are just starting to deteriorate further both of us only 44 yrs previosly 100% fit and healthy and now both of us have tendon and muscle problems all manner of unpleasant odd sensations throughout our bodies and unable to walk properly due to chronic back / leg pains, I stopped weight training a few months a go due to the pain, my wife still tries but is struggling, only this week her calf muscle gave out and now she can only hobble around, her neck is sore 24 hours a day we both have tendonitis in various joints and constantly feel fatigued. as I type this my upper back has developed a sharp stabbing pain that is new!
    At this point I am wondering If it is possible that the ab are actually the cause of most of these issues (see this article that I found on Natural News. I know these are not the same but non the less they are all ab so must have similar effects, http://www.antibiotics.org/ ) also it makes me wonder if ab are the reason so many people around the globe, especially advanced nations, suffer from these types of health issues? could it be that all ab cause far more damage than we are all lead to believe? after all if you pulled a muscle or developed fatigue for a few days 10 months after a coarse of ab you would never link the two would you?
    Or maybe we both still have lyme that has decided to come out of cyst form and is now spreading again? Don’t think so, but?
    Now I have a question I would like to ask Brian / anyone?, I know he used the rife machine to finally clear up his lyme ( at least that’s how I understood it in the book?) Do those who use a rife machine experience a more complete healing due to eventual 100% virus kill rate and not having used tons of antibiotics?, Or is it the case that almost everyone uses lots of ab and only turn to rife as a last resort. Is there anyone who has beaten lyme with out ab as this would be the only possible comparison,
    I am wondering if I should start using our rife every now and then and gauge things on any possible herx’s that may occur, then proceed from there, no herx would indicate no infection?
    Mark (UK)

  • probiotic bacteria for adults

    Herx reaction? how does it feel? does the one month on antibiotic treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease enough? I am afraid of that decease so much. Thanks for the advice, for now on i am already aware on that Chronic Lyme Disease.

  • Ahueton

    Answer addressed specifically to Mark in answer to his question. If you are now still fighting Lyme Disease you should probably increase the Rife treatment.  You should be under the care of a Lyme Literate doctor or Naturopath who can support your immune and organ systems,  Keep up the Rife treatments under the Herx reaction happens, then continue the Rife until your Naturopath tells you your immune and organss are back to full strength.   I had Lyme disease in March/April 07.  I was 44 years old at the time.  I am male. My family already owned a Rife machine so when I got Lyme,  I immediately started several treatments a day and went ot bed every night with the Rife machine at the foot of my bed with a program running.  My family doctor had given me a course of Antibiotics that lasted about 2-3 weeks by 3 dayss after first noticing hte symptoms , I had a fever temp of 105 F.  On the 4th night of running the Rife treatments I woke up at 3am to feel the headache and the fever lifting from my body. This would have been the herx reaction happening.  I kept up the Rife for 5 months and continued seeing my Naturopath for 18 months for immune system support.

    Good luck.  I am not a medical doctor and my notes above are not a medical trestment recommendation. (I ned to say that to cover my online liability)

  • Ally.

    HI everyone…my name is ally.. I got bit by a tick about 2 years ago..and i got diagnosed with LYme. they treated me with antibiotics..and then said my test was clear of Lyme. I’ve been feeling HORRIBLE for a year and half now..I have 95 percent of the symptoms listed on the longest of lyme symptoms lists. I finally found out that I still have lyme. THey have been telling me I have colds and nonsense for years. Im very scared about my health. Does anyone know what kind of damage lyme can do the body? I saw a wellness doctor who is going to treat me through more natural things. Im very scared of the herx..I figured i’d call to you lovely people for help. Im only 22..and I had to resign my job because of this. No one but you can understand how life altering it is. My dad thinks im exaggerating..my friends think im a jerk because i never want to do anything anymore.. Help?.

  • Lyn00704

    Hi Ally, ever try colloidal silver? Do some research and i think you will be amazed how many people have cured themselves of Lyme on it. I am currently taking it, and hope it will work. My herx is mostly headaches, but i know it will get better. As far as your friends….get new ones with a heart.

  • Rob

    Ally…  Totally understand what you’re feeling and going through. I was diagnosed w/ lyme and bartonella @ 2 yrs ago. I’ve since realized that I’ve had it for much longer.  I thank God I have a wonderful LLMD.  Spent the first year on various antibiotics as well as other therapies and supplements. I did feel better, but hit a wall. Then I purchased a Rife Machine (Frequency Generator GB-4000). My life changed!  For the most part I now feel better than I have for almost a dozen years. While the GB-4000 is $2,400, I was spending almost a $1,000 per month on antibiotics, probiotics etc. etc. I now spend less than $300 per month on everything so the machine paid for itself in a little more than 3 months. I have 5 other people coming our house on a regular basis to treat their lyme (including one of my daughters). I’m here to tell you it works!  I’ve not had ANY antibiotics now for 9 months. My energy has since returned and I’m doing things I haven’t been able to do for years.  Please find a LLMD, and don’t let your family discourage you from getting the proper treatment. There’s probably no way on earth I would have been able to understand what my daughter has gone through w/o having lyme/bartonella myself. Don’t give up hope!  By the way, Bryan’s book, ‘Lyme disease and Rife Machines’ also changed my life!  It is FULL of practical info to help people on their way back to health!  God bless you, and keep searching. Educate yourself, because it will guide and direct you to ridding yourself of lyme.  P.S.  MD’s can’t officially recommend Rife Machines/Frequency Generators because they’re not FDA approved. Follow your heart and instincts. Do not let this disease trick you into giving up in any way!  P.S.S.  If you’re not willing to herx… you will never get well!  Stay strong!  You will NEVER regret it!!!

  • Joanala


  • http://www.facebook.com/trenton.harbour FordyCent Trent

    Hey, rob, My names Trenton J. Harbour on FB, do you mind calling me, I’m wanting to buy a rife and want some advice, thanks. 3608252122 or harbout.tj@gmail.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/trenton.harbour FordyCent Trent

    Deb, i’m trying to make lyme friends and i have major brain inflaim and nasia and get sick around computer screen, do you mind contacting me? harbour.tj@gmail.com

  • Massey414

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really wanted to quit the antibiotics until I read this.

  • kaybabalima

    Hi patty if you know anyone else taking Byron White Formulas have them listen to the March 13, 2013 teleconference so they understand how to take them properly and effectively. It is for patients specifically and you have to sign up on their webstite: byronwhiteformulas.com

  • Robook

    The significance of the fever is not to activate the immune system. The fever is an adaptive response that increases the host’s core body temperature to a level above the pathogen’s optimal tenperature range.

  • Bryan Rosner